Calling all ambitious female entrepreneurs who want to make 2020 their biggest year yet, but are still struggling to get clients even after a bunch of online marketing programs.

What is the Biggest Difference between entrepreneurs who are surpassing their goals and those who are struggling to be seen?


Amazing entrepreneurs, just like you, have invested in a bunch of different workshops and programs to learn how to improve your marketing on Social Media, create better copy for your website, build funnels, develop webinars and online programs.


But no matter how much you learn, you just aren't able to follow-through with the implementation and get the results you expected.  You struggle for words or maybe can't decide which idea to focus on, get overwhelmed with technology and feel like you're stuck in mud, trying to sort through it all.


Other participants are knocking it out of the park, so the "systems" do seem to work... for some people.


Why not you?


Some coaches say- "just choose differently,"  or "focus on what you want not what you don't want" but the truth is, there is a lot of underlying energy that is getting in your way.  
And it's not your fault.


Beliefs from when you were younger that were programmed into you.


Ancestral energy and patterns from other lifetimes that have you stuck in fear, like you can't move forward, even though you have this stirring in your soul to step into your purpose.


Blast through these energies and it becomes easier to choose differently.  Focusing on what you want becomes natural and effortless.


Imagine what your business looks like when your confidence expands.  


You're able to express what you do passionately and connect with your audience in a heart-centred manner.  It becomes easy to draw them in, because you're finally energized, standing in your truth, letting all of your magic hang out.


The words come to you naturally.  Your intuition is heightened and your energy is amazing,  because you're no longer being weighed down by the heaviness from the past that wasn't even yours to begin with (it was exhausting wasn't it?)


​The results?  

  • You feel confident sharing what you do.
  • More clients reaching out to you, wanting to book your services.  
  • Digital content practically writing itself because you're flowing the content from deep within your heart and soul.
  • You're clear and focused on the best projects, because you're energy is maximized and aligned with your purpose.
  • Your calendar is full, while still maintaining time to show up as your high vibing self.
  • And you're surpassing your targets just like you knew you were capable of.

And the investment is a fraction of what it is for my one on one half day session!



Are you Ready To Be Seen?


Join me for 3 amazing weeks of releasing beliefs, blocks, karma, energy, patterns, contracts, vows +++

from your energy field.

August 25th - September 11th


We'll connect for an hour Tuesday and Friday mornings each week where we'll use multiple energetic processes to clear and expand your energy field, super charging your day!


Every session will be recorded so you can listen to them over and over again if you want to go deeper with the releases.  Or if, as you Uplevel, you find that you're bumping up against some stuck energy again, you can let it go right away, rather than being stuck for weeks on end.


​We'll be releasing energy and patterns like:

  • Not Good Enough
  • Fear of Judgement
  • Money Worries
  • Confusion, Distraction/Overwhelm
  • I Don't Know How?/I Can't
  • Shame & Procrastination


​You'll begin to notice the cumulative effects of energy clearing allows you to feel lighter, more confident, focused and most of all...


Ready to be Seen

3 week Group Program

6 Powerful Calls

7:45am-8:45am EST (New York/Toronto time)

Tuesday, August 25th

Friday, August 28th

Tuesday, September 2nd

Friday, September 4th

Tuesday, September 8th

Friday, September 11th


​$797 Canadian


$597 Early Bird until August 19th
Use Code: READY2020


Payment plan of 2 payments -$420/month

Early Bird Payment plan of 2 payments - $320/month


What to expect:

  • Through visualization, distance energy, the breath and soulful sounds, you will be guided through a divine experience to let go of energies that are holding you back, plus attachments, beliefs, vows and contracts.  We'll tap into the the most divine energies  and invite them to support us with uplevelling in the most beneficial way for each individual and business.

  • Each session you'll be given a Breakthrough assignment, an action step to help you with building your confidence with being seen and heard. This will be something you've been planning to do, but holding back on!

  • Sessions will be through video conference call.  You can participate with your video on or off.  You can also call if you prefer.

  • You'll want to bring a journal and a pen and set-up in a cozy spot where you can completely relax uninterrupted.

  • Each session will leave you feeling lighter and energized for your day!

"The sessions with Jennifer have been tremendously helpful with the personal challenges I have been going through recently.


What is happening in my personal life directly impacts my professional life and the sessions are helping me clear the negativity, become productive again and stay grounded. The timing couldn't be any better.


I am a solopreneur and in isolation, it is easy to lose motivation when obstacles are thrown our way.


The way I see it is that it was divine intervention. Thank you Jennifer for your help!

Katsy, Milton, Ontario



to be Seen

3 week Group Program

Tuesdays & Fridays @ 7:45-8:45am EST

August 2th - September 11th

Powerful releasing of beliefs, blocks and

heavy energies that are holding you back in your business.

$797 Canadian

$597 Early Bird until August 19th

Use code:  READY2020

Payment Plan Option:
2 payments


Early Bird: $320/month

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Jennifer Lyall is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer.  


As a sought after spiritual development expert she helps clients to expand their personal awareness and take responsibility for their energy and how they are showing up in life. 


Jennifer has been working with energy since she was 4 years old, has her own modality Connect to U to connect your three brains - the intuitive brain, emotional brain and logical mind; and she teaches people how to Check their Inner Battery with the My Energy Check system.  She is passionate about sharing everyday easy to implement “energy boosters” to bring more calm, mindfulness and joy into your life. 


This expanded inner awareness helps you to confidently make decisions, be happier and more present in your relationships, work in a proactive manner rather than reactive mode, and enjoy a career that is energizing.


She is a member of the Canadian Society of Dowsers and an international best selling author and inspirational speaker.

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